Wikileaks documents confirm that the US has destroyed an alien moon base

Wikileaks has released an interesting document suggesting that the US has a secret base on the moon. It was later allegedly destroyed by Russia. For years, many have argued that other extraordinary things have happened since the early days of space exploration.

Paranormal researcher Scott Waring said:

"I was studying the wikileaks website and I found that the information related to a secret lunar base that the United States destroyed in the late 1970s. The cable only has the details of the document, but not all of it, because the document was handwritten and never appeared in digital format."

"How can the United States destroy an alien base on Earth's moon without anyone suspecting it? That's easy. Do you remember the Apollo missions? Well, there were supposed to be more than 20 of these missions on the moon, and yet, NASA suddenly stopped at Apollo 17 for a number of secret black Ops missions, including recovering alien technology and identifying alien structures and ships, as well as finding any possible threats to the United States."

Waring continued: "I met a guy named William Rutledge on YouTube in 2011, when he posted six videos of the Apollo 20 mission he worked on. This is a joint U.S. and Russian mission to the moon near Delporte Crater. William and another astronaut recorded their activities on the moon with film. Including a cigar-shaped boat exploring the caldera of Delporte. Inside they found glass tubes along the walls and tiny biped skeletons (a few centimeters high)."

Apparently, a female pilot was also found. In addition to being unconscious, she had a hose attached to her nose. The woman appears to be physically and mentally connected to the ship. The same woman was then brought back to Earth.

There is evidence that a beautiful alien city on the moon has also been destroyed. Does this mean there is extraterrestrial life on the moon? All this still leaves many questions. Did the army destroy an alien life form? How do they know they're a threat to humanity? All of this is rather puzzling, to say the least.

One theory is that the United States returned to this extraterrestrial base and then destroyed it. No doubt any type of technology that is recycled is later reverse-engineered.

The reason for its destruction is easy to understand. The idea is to keep the technology and/or other discoveries away from other governments around the world so that they don't claim it and use it to further their power and influence over the world. Has a strategic advantage over others.

Of course, the United States does not want to lose any advantage it has. Imagine fighting not only around Earth but around other parts of the universe and cities and other unknown places.

One theory about the Apollo missions is that American troops returned to accomplish a different set of things. More covert operations are carried out without the public's knowledge.

If all this is true, it would be the biggest cover-up of all time. Perhaps further documentation exists somewhere, or only a select few know about it. They will make a difference for everyone.


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