Huge: Red and blue portals appear in the skies over Italy and Hungary, accompanied by the sound of a global horn (video)

A large red halo appears over central Italy on March 27. And now, on April 3, something similar appeared over Budapest, only blue. 

 The huge red halo in central Italy lasted only a few milliseconds, but Walter Binotto captured it on camera while observing the phenomenon at Possagno, a small town at the foot of the Alps. As usual, the official explanation in the intellectual edition was blue jets, while conspiracy theorists speculated about Nibiru and an alien invasion. On April 3, a similar phenomenon was observed over Budapest, this time in blue:

Nibiru's supporters, have their own talking points - everyone is discussing a similar place, filmed in Germany these days:

Although UFO researchers have seen an alien mothership in every cloud, the other day a scientist was pulled by a nearby square cloud that the wind couldn't blow away. Shot at maximum resolution and through the filter, this guy saw:

No one is quite sure what glows above Budapest, or what is happening in Italy and Germany. But what we can say for sure is that nothing like this has ever happened in our memory.

Previously, the media worked in different ways, and hordes of TV people flocked to every anomaly to discuss the phenomenon on CNN. But there are no lights.

There are cube clouds, fly balls and fly bats, but not many - they only appear occasionally. Today, about one in three people has seen a UFO, so the increase in frequency is noticeable.

In the last decade, many wonderful and incredible things have appeared on Earth that were not born here, especially some elves, sprites and blue jets.

Sprites are so-called "light emission and extremely low frequency perturbations caused by electromagnetic pulse sources". "ELVES" is the acronym for this scientific blah blah blah.

Suppose the rings are formed from excited nitrogen molecules bombarded by electrons from lightning or the Sprite at the center of the ring:

It is clear from the video that it is impossible to photograph pixies and sprites - the phenomenon starts and ends very quickly, but you can record it on video and then take pictures.

In the case of the Italian red ring, Mr. Binotto did not show a photo of lightning in the center, so where the electrons that cause the nitrogen to glow come from remains undisclosed. So now scientists have to come up with a new term, like ELVES 2.0. It would represent a special kind of Sprite with no source -- to distinguish it from a Sprite with a lightning bolt in its center.

Taken together, we see some very serious changes brewing in the world. Not only is there a new phenomenon of "sprites, sprites and blue jets" in the atmosphere, but the feeling is mutating in a way.

In addition, global news channels mask other phenomena that may be correlated with giant circular phenomena, such as the mysterious honking of horns that, while news gathering is slow, gradually reach the masses:

Everything around us is jumping at some crazy speed, and sooner or later we'll get an answer. We suspect it will all end with a portal, and maybe aliens will show up and officially lead everyone there. Or Nibiru might show up, lose its camouflage and allow us to see it up close, like Jupiter. Some of this could happen over the next few years or even months.

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